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Small Boat Jib Furling Kits For Boats Up To 25 Feet - Harken 434

Harken® Small Boat furling systems allow the trailerable cruising or dinghy sailor to set and furl the jib from the cockpit.  You need a wire luff in the sail as this system takes the place of the forestay. this system works for small boats under 18′ .   Harken part # 434 Includes bottom drum and..

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Automatyczny system do układania łańcucha MZ ELECTRONIC ECS 1000S sterowany mechanicznie

Automatyczny system do układania łańcucha MZ ELECTRONIC ECS 1000S sterowany mechanicznie Podłącza się do włącznika UP windy. Regulowana szerokość i położenie kąta obrotu przez co nadaje się do wszystkich modeli wind z łańcuchem CodiceVŁańcuch..

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Utility navigation lights, battery-powered - 3-piece set (Code 11.137.01)

Made of chromed ABS + black ABS; clip-on installation through a nylon bracket; fitted with LR20 a 1.5 volt battery light, life of 15/30 hours (continuous/discontinuous operation). It switches on by rotating the central part of the lantern. ..

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Able portable light (Code 13.112.00)

Made of ABS with handle; fitted with G.E. sealed beam watertight 6'' bulb. Equipped with second switch: short and long light on the first release (100 metres), high beam light on the second release (800 metres); very sturdy and practical. ..

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Crosstree light made of stainless stee, fixed model - 12 V (Code 13.243.90)

Crosstree light made of stainless stee, fixed model - 12 V ..

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Shower Kit (Code 15.236.00)

Fitted with flush-mount shower 15.242.00, with special automatic hose winding, for mounting under deck or on the wall, it may also be mounting showing, provided with special compartment to house the shower, made of UV resistant Luran S. ..

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High quality watertight windshield wipers TMC. 12 V (Code 19.172.40)

Rust-proof, for mounting onto bulkheads up to 50-mm thick, high power motor for long lasting hours of operation, fitted with adjustable cams for different angles: 80В°- 100В°- 110В°- 120В°, stall force 100 kg/cm2 9.8 Nm. Automatic standby position after feeding cutting. ..

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White nylon porthole Ø 320 mm (Code 19.750.03BI)

Made of nylon, elegant and functional shape, fitted with plexiglas pane. ..

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Object holder with glass compartment (Code 20.021.50)

Made of white plastic, fitted with push-button lock and key. ..

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Professional binoculars 7x50 fitted with compass (Code 26.754.00)

100% watertight; filled with nitrogen gas; fitted with bearing compass with light and a grid to measure distance; high quality optical system; coated with rubber, supplied with neckstrap and case, anti-glare lenses Ruby Coating. ..

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GPS GUARDIAN speedometer/mile counter without transducer Type 2 Black dial, black bezel 12|24 Volt - (Code 27.781.02)

No transducer necessary, it is equipped with 32-channel GPS antenna. 1) Speedometer/compass: speed analogic indication and compass course digital indication (degree by degree). 2) Speedometer/totalizer/compass: digital indication of speed, distance covered in miles and compass course (degree by degr..

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Electronic Weather Station LaCrosse (Code 28.883.01)

It displays: Radio-controlled time + calendar up to year 2025 + wake up alarm with buzzer. Weather conditions (icons + trend). Temperature / indoor humidity (updated every 16 seconds). Temperature / outdoor humidity (updated every 16 seconds). Moon phases. 960- to 1040-hPa atmospheric pressure with ..

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Cabinet stereo speaker white (Code 29.730.01)

Low magnetic impedence (to prevent compass/instrument interference), 2-Way coaxial with high acoustic quality. Supplied with stainless steel coated adjustable bracket ..

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Kit 6 x Polyform fender F4 (Code 33.522.12)

White with black heads, F4 and F6 may also be used as hauling tools. ..

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Protective bag for outboard engines, for stowing away. For outboards up to 5 HP (Code 46.151.00)

Made of sturdy blue royal polyester fabric, covered internally with shock-resistant padded material, oil and fuel resistant, nylon zip closure; adjustable straps suited to carry by hand or on the back; ideal for stowing auxiliary engines, for carrying or for winter storage. ..

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Rigid polyethylene waste water tanks. 130 l (Code 50.142.52)

Fitted with female connectors on the two heads size 3/4 and 1 1/2 for loading, drain and vent; certified in accordance with ISO 8099 standards. ..

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Rigid tanks for drinkable water Capacity l.215 (Code 52.173.01)

Made of netting polyethylne for food use. Tasteless and odourless. Equipped with inspection plug and prearranged for loading, unloading and vent. Manufactured in compliance with RINA and AISR standards. Possibility of modular installation of several tanks by prearranging a connection nipple. Female ..

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